SIM Inference Strategy

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 8:30am to 4:00pm
FDLRS Action/Semoran Room, 3130 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, FL 32804

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SIM Inference Strategy

Target Audience:  All teachers grades 4th  - 12th and above that teach reading and or Learning Strategies.

Prerequisite: The materials provided for this strategy are best suited for use with students that read at a minimum of 4th grade.

 Course Objective: Participants will understand and apply the instructional sequence of the SIM Inference Strategy and learn the importance of high frequency fidelity and the strategy’s impact on student learning.

Course Description:  The content and instructional strategies presented in this professional learning event are aligned with Florida Standards and the Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction.

The Inference Strategy provides a set of steps students can use to make inferences about information they have read and to answer inferential questions. Students will learn how to: identify question types, locate keywords in questions, find clues in their reading material associated with those keywords that will help them make inferences, and answer inferential questions.  

In research this strategy had an effect size of .91.  Students averaged gains of three grades levels upon mastery of the strategy.

Each participant receives The Inference Strategy Instructor’s Manual and The Inference Strategy Student Materials book.Participants will have permission to copy all the instructional materials and student materials needed to teach both strategies to their students only.

Implementation Activity: Progress monitoring student pre- and post- data are required prior to receiving 12 inservice credits.  This strategy takes 6-9 weeks to complete. Fully implementing the entire strategy is required to submit student outcome data and receive professional development points.

Follow Up Method: Email communication and coaching throughout the implementation period, as well as on-site coaching (per participant request) will be available.

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